Drop Srl is a beverage manufacturer located in Italy (Tuscany Region) and specialised in many different cold and hot beverages such as fruit juices, energy drink as well as coffee beans, tea and others.

We are on market from more than 10 years.

Drop Srl is a beverage & equipment manufacturer specialized in many different cold and hot beverages such as healthy juices 100% sugar free, fruit juices, concentrated syrup, energy drink as well as coffee beans, tea and exotic coffee brewer.
In addition Drop Company is market leadear in ECOLOGICAL dispensing drink vending machines: ECO-VENDING and ECO-BREAKFAST.


We produce a wide range of dispensing equipment, over counter, stand alone for self service use, vending machines and espresso/cappuccino coffee machines that can be used in a variety of locations, including commercial, hospitality, hotel, catering and food service settings.

At Drop, our small appliances are engineered with innovative features and superior design to make these tasks as effortless as possible.

Drop Srl has developed a unique range of hot and cold beverage dispensing machines, the ECO-VENDING and ECO-BREAKFAST, that can dispense both hot and cold beverages from a single unit.

Our machines are practically a full bar in a single vending machine, capable of offering 15 hot drinks and 10 cold in a single machine. The coffee is freshly ground for each serving just before brewing and we are studying other types of machines to meet the greatest possible number of requirements. The machines designed by Drop Srl are not like any other vending machines. They are really unique in the world especially from mechanical point of view. Our manufacturer has set up a state-of-the-art plant for the manufacture of healthy beverages, to meet the global demand for good quality juices, we have five patents worldwide.

The Drop Company also produces a wide variety of proprietary syrups, or concentrates, used in its machines that range from various fruit juices, Healthy Juices 100% Sugar free to espresso/cappuccino style coffees, hot chocolate, and even hot soup. It is worth noting that all of the juices are sugar-free.

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