On request we can produce machines and private label products. Our engineering expertise, resources, and reliability are unrivalled. Our experience is second to none. We've spent years developing the culture, systems, and processes that make us an industry leader in client satisfaction. With our diverse engineering staff, we can step into a project at any stage, from the initial concepts, through development, design, detailing, prototyping, and manufacturing. Advanced CAD capabilities and our proven expertise combine to give us the capability to overcome any problem. Our engineering services include special design from concept on through project completion. Call for a free consultation with one of our professional engineers for more information.

Drop Company offers a complete and reliable service, for breakfasts and catering, providing the machines and all the full range of food & beverage products.
Since we are manufacturer, we can provide all the range of our machines on sales, on rent or for free: it depends on the customer's needs.
Complete the offer a wide range of Hot and Cold drink products.
To give a complete service, we can also supply a full line of food products for breakfast: yogurt, jams, honey, cereals, sugar and sweeteners in a sachet, biscuits, rusks, etc.
We have a precise and specific Technical Assistance Department with a qualified staff: we are able to solve and close a call in 24 hours.


Since we are manufacturer, we can provide all the range of our machines on sales, on rent or for free: it depends on the customer's needs.
Great attention is given to the ECOLOGY with our range of machines unique in the world: ECO-VENDING.

ECO-VENDING proposes only high-quality products for your well being and a great attention to the details:
- “DROP”, fruit juices 100% Sugar Free with pulp and fibres inside. “DROP enjoy the Nature”.
- “Antica Torrefazione Fiorentina”, high-quality coffee mixture “GOLD SELECTION”. This machine has a professional grinder for coffee beans in order to dispense a perfect Italian Espresso.
- Paper cup reusable & recyclable.
- Long wood stirrer, for not to burn your fingers.

Drop have a full range of small coffee machines for paper pod and plastic cartridge; we can also provide the best mixtures of our coffee “Antica Torrefazione Fiorentina” in two formats: paper pod and plastic cartridge. It’s available a full range of products: Gold Selection Coffee, Espresso Bar Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee, Ginseng Coffee, Chamomile, Lemon Tea, Wild Forest Tea, Green Tea, Barley Coffee.

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